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  Enforce Cleaning is a residential and commercial cleaning services company serving Des Moines, Iowa and surrounding suburbs. We strive to deliver high quality cleaning services at affordable prices. Through our service, we hope to help our customers enjoy a more effortless life and spend their valuable time with their loved ones. We service Des Moines, Waukee, West Des Moines, Grimes, Ankeny, Altoona and surrounding areas. We also provide the option of high quality eco-friendly cleaning products. Our team of professional, trained, and experienced cleaners are dedicated to making your home or business sparkle and delivering the highest quality cleaning services.  

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  Enforce Cleaning is a locally owned and operated business built to provide exceptional service and complete satisfaction to our customers in every way. Enforce cleaning is insured and bonded. Experience the difference we deliver by always keeping the customer first in all we do. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. Call us today for a free estimate!
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Cleaning Tips

Bag your shower heads: If you have hard water, your shower will never truly be clean and will have buildup on your shower head. For this tip, you need a plastic sandwich bag, vinegar, a rubber band, string, or twist tie. Fill the baggie with vinegar and submerge your shower head. Secure the submerged showerhead in bag with the rubber band, making sure it’s secure. Leave it on for a few hours, or overnight, and enjoy the sparkle of a cleaner shower head, stronger water pressure. Disinfect smelly drains: If there’s a smell in your kitchen that you can’t quite place, it might be your sink drains. Food and gunk get trapped beneath the surface, causing the foul smell. In your tea kettle, boil one-part vinegar and one-part distilled water. While it heats up, sprinkle baking soda in and around the drains. Pour the boiling water and vinegar down the drains, and you will breathe easy. Clean microfiber furniture with rubbing alcohol: Time to clean that filthy microfiber furniture! This one is synch! All you need is rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Begin by vacuuming the piece in question very well. Spritz a section with the alcohol and go to work at the area with a natural sponge, also sprayed with alcohol. Work in small sections to complete. If you’d like to see the beauty of the clean microfiber more quickly, dry with a hairdryer.  Squeegee away pet hair: Use this window-cleaning tool to get your pet’s hair up with ease. Using long, firm swipes with a squeegee collect fur in a pile. This is a great technique post-vacuuming, when you want to do an extra-thorough job. Clean a Foreman with damp towel: Cleaning a Foreman is easy. Once you are done cooking, unplug it. Grab a few damp paper towels and press them between the lid and the surface. The leftover heat will steam clean the grill. Take another dry paper towel to wipe your Foreman dry.   

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